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  Avid gardener , have 20+yrs. outdoor experience at producing medicine for my wife who has had progressive MS for over 25yrs. I have found marijuana to be an effective medicine for MS . Peace !!!


Location is everything !!!


If proposed new legislature in Texas passes , this would be on the list for medical . 5% , It's a start .


Sure does reach for that light


That's how to use light efficiently


King , you were my first friend here and I appreciate all that I have learned from you . Thank you for letting me peek at your pictures . Coming to Portal was the best thing I could have done to be successful at indoor growing . Peace !!!


Hey Dee , off topic , I want to thank you and all the other guys and gals for schooling me the past month . My room is nearly ready and I feel like I will be successful from what I have learned , sorry I can't interact more , all I have is a ps4 and it is limited . Thank you for letting me see what I hope I can achieve. Peace !!!


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Yes , don't know the name , they are in my area in spring .


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Do I need eye protection around Led lighting ?  
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  •  · Wise choice you’ll like them 
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If I buy seeds now will they be viable in March ( beginning of my outdoor season ) ?  
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  •  · Nope you cant tell by looking at the seed. 

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