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Wow,very nice!👍🏼

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Adjusted just fine after the transplant.

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Almost a week since the transplant and they are coming along nicely. 

She's a big girl! 😳 Nice job brother she looks great

Happy Turkey day to you as well TB. Doing the same, spending time with my wife and daughter. ✌🏻

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Getting ready!


Have a great day and be safe!✌🏻

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Thanks brother,she is from Dutch Passion. I bought a four pack and so far 3 different pheno's? This one has been a easy girl to control other than locking her up for a minute. She seems a little behind a little but she might stack a little more, who knows. After all she is a awful flower! 😆😆



Bro, you have a job ahead you. Again, great job.

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How far along are they? I can't wait to flip my two youngin's! Between you and TB, I have high hopes for my ladies. Mine were freebies from GLG and I don't know the origins. They are showing heavy indica so far. Looks like yours lean that way also. 

Sorry for rambling on, HAF!!!

Look good brother, on point with these ladies.👍🏼

Thanks for the info brother. I will check it out later. 

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