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She looks delicious! 🤤


Nice job!!!!!

Looks like he got the in to the edibles! 😆 

These are my running buddies. 



Thanks you guys, she was an easy trim. Filled 9 mason jars about 3/4 full. Started burping them this morning. Took a few samples and not too bad. A little green yet but she will be yummy! Good day smoke so far. No burnout so she'll be a great daytime activities.


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She looks good now. Nice job so far.

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So 7 days in the dry box and 2 in the cardboard box she will get trimmed and jarred tonight. Hope I have enough jars!!!😜😜😜


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Wow, now that's a first for me. Never have had someone put it out there like that.😳

I love opening the tent and see how much they changed in 24 hrs. 

It's gonna get crowded for sure. Always does when I run 4 plants at a time but I like the variety.

I've read a little about the commercial LEDs by Gavita and a couple others and they all talk about dialed in spectrums and direct replacement for hid which is great like I said for commercial growers trying to save money. For me, my tent gets crowded and I need the power of the HID. 

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