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Agreed, I knew the price would go up,but over 2 x price will have me shopping elsewhere. Never had a problem with customs over last 8 years

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I can raise lights another5 -6 inches, probably bend the tall ones over a bit

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Top 44 4 weeks into transition , getting a little sticky 🔥🔥

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Indoor or out. My first grow was Northern lights feminized. Followed "growweedeasy". In coco,inside,durable plant, easy to grow. Been growing 5 yrs changed to hydro after 2nd harvest

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Top 44 just in transition.  Using 2-450 watt maxsisun.  4 yrs growing hydroponics 

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Top 44 in transition using 2 450 watt Maxsisun led. Been growing 4 yrs hydroponics in a 3x3 tent

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Like the lyrics "smoke two joints "

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