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Ok I ordered some blueberry Kush autos, and blue dream autos. I’m going to try growing some of them outdoors, and some under the lights. Any advice Guys? I’ve grown several crops, but never autos.

    • weeeell, people have a love hate relationship with auto's here. they grow differently. so they can be easy or a pain in the.... small did I mention they can be small. sure some produce great plants and generally not terrible. but they grow a bit differently than regs or fems, just a heads up if you haven't had fun with them yet.

      I suppose with a bit more experience they are really nice plants and goodness knows i don't need any bumper crops to get by, so size isn't an issue. And I have seen some big auto's, don't get me wrong.

      I usually have no problems popping beans but it's 50/50 when i pop auto's. Again might be user error. 

      So you'll find a mixed bag of help here on auto'slaughing

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      • I am not a fan of autos, more of a scooter guy, bada bump, but I think outside is the best place to grow autos, bugs need to eat too. Actually my experience with autos outside ended in bud rot but I talked to the local seed bank and they recommended planting autos later in the year so when they are not covered in buds when the humidity hits the peaks. 

        Now matter what you grow outside Autos or Photos shake the morning dew off every day

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        • Don't lettem get rootbound when they're young.

          I waited too long to put my RR plugs into Hydroton. Had a mass of roots wrapped around the base of the plug.

          Plants were stunted, terribly. One was about 6 inches tall, with a joints worth of bud on it.  lol

          Don't lettem get rootbound when they're young.

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          • Modern autos can be potent and productive. They've come a long ways in the last 15, 20 years or so. Treat them pretty much like regs but keep in mind that you need a good start because you won't have time to correct early mistakes. Breeding and genetics are key. There are breeders who specialize in autos and if they have the reputation for dependable products that's where you get your seeds. Have fun and good luck. 

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            •  I agree no need to treat them in any special way, and they have come a long way in the last 10-15 years that I know of but so have photoperiods.  

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            • This is a Nirvana Skittles Auto, going to move it once without de potting it into the 25L soil autopot.

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              • I guess nobody told you not to transplant Auto's? Whats the point of a myth if nobody's afraid of it?

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              • Transplant 2 days, of course it looks real lonely right now🤔

                This sticky boards are prophylactic. Just in case a bug slips in for a look 

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