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2023 Fall Flowers

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  •  · Mark D
More flower porn

Bubble Kush Grow Nirvana Seeds

10-9-23 Just getting started

Gelato grow Nirvana Seeds

Gelato 10-9-2023

Hawaii Maui Waui Grow Nirvana Seeds

Maui waui 10-9-23

Blueberry Glue Grow

Almost time!

The setup and more!

Alien OG Indoor Oct 9 2023 Harvest

Some beautiful Alien OG

From 3x2 to 2x4

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  •  · Mark D
Had to pull out an old tent to accommodate these gurls. Just ran out of room. They are probably not going to go too much more but hey why cramp them if I have a spare?

Durban Poison IBL x Banana Slammer

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  •  · Mark D
Few glam shots @4 weeks

Gorilla Glue 2023 Run

My Super leggy Popcorn Gorilla Glue. This run is just a joke now lol. Still anything is better than nothing. Burned everything in my Flower tent this week. Made a big mistake on one of my nutes. Ran 2 flush cycles and hopefully I have resolved the overload. Only time will tell. Although with these ladies, being so leggy and the buds so small I am not really looking for a decent yield on them. 

Runtz 2023-Run

Photos from my Runtz run. Burned the hell out of them this week. Ran two flush cycles and hope to have fixed my mistake.

CBD Lemon Auto

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