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Trainwreck x2 , GG4, Pre 98 Bubba Kush and Amnesia x2

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DWC Grow Lights - Mars Hydro TSW - 2000W. X2 Germination started 5/9/21.  5/16/21  All 6 are looking good. Waiting for roots to show. 5/17 - Reservoir - PH 6.1, Temp. 69 degrees, PPM - 418-423 Running Rapid Start, General Hydroponics Nutrients. Dosage 1/4 tsp. Per gal.  6/7/21 Did first water change and added GH Nutes to the mix. Water temps are running 75 degrees but all roots are good and white. PH is running 5.6 to 5.9 average. PPM 430 - 435.  Started 2 Skunk 1's that ill be running in the 3x3 tent under a MH SP-150. Think ill need more light? I will be posting this grow under another header when they start to grow more.  

My Tent

This is what I am currently doing


Purple Romulan


Strawberry akeil

AK-47 m&f

Banana Kush 9 weeks flower

Banana Kush Mother and daughter from Dank seed at 9 weeks. These were heavy feeders and barely burnt the tips where the same feeding was to much for other plants. Used all RO water for this one too. will go a few more days longer, as the trichs are already cloudy on both. The buds and colas all had unusual foxtail shape 


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A few pics  

Roots and Nutes

 Advanced Nutrients in DWC Hydroponics with decent results and little maintenance

GSC Auto

Growing GSC auto in a  28"x28"x63" Spider Farmer Tent , SF1000 led,Heater between 73 and 79 degrees F. , 1 small fan , Inline duct fan with charcoal filter for exhaust, humidifier running between 55 and 60 RH depending on watering plant. Grow medium is Roots Organic Original . 5 gal Fab pots, Roots Organic Terps Tea (bloom and grow) , Blackstrap Molasses . I stretched her in the beginning , 1st time with leds. I left room in the pot to add more soil in case of this happening . Added soil , lowered and intensified the light. So here is a photographic view of GSC auto's journey! 

Gettin her frost on

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Inside grow. 2021