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good night wp hope all have a blessed night 
new setup
how far into flower do most people stop defoliating there plant? i've been pulling a walmart bag every other night. i got behind a couple weeks due to covid.i usually am done by the time i flip light cycle.
Michigan Football
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There's gotta be a few happy WP members today ! Michigan 42 Ohio State 27 !
good night wp hope all have a blessed night 
Banana Breath 21 days
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Adjusted just fine after the transplant.
Maui Waui day 21
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Almost a week since the transplant and they are coming along nicely. 
Hi, could anyone please help I have a batch of Blue mystic autos thar have been growing for over three months, the plants are massive and beautifully healthy but showing no signs of flowering, I had to use some hydrogen peroxide to remove an infestation of funds knats but these are now gone and I've stopped using it but they are refusing to flower. I have my light on 14 hours and off 10, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks  Russell. 
I am a new grower to the indoor world of growing. My plants are about 15 days old a growing great but they have started to show yellowing around the edges of the leaves. I have been watering steady to keep them moist but am staring to wonder if I am over watering......any advise would be super
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I am making edibles this morning so as I was getting ready to decarb I came across this bud. To pretty not to smoke. California Orange. 
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morning Tbob how long has your maui waui been in flowering ???  i am kind of upset with mine don't know why it is acting the way it is by my math it should b the last of next month or first of the year b 4 bing ready but it's getting very cloudy and acting like it will b ready b 4 that  ????  
Merry Christmas
Ok now that Thanksgiving has passed its now time to start putting up the vhristmas decorations. I started with my favorite christmas tree in my own grow tent. Enjoy the bud-candy!!    Merry Christmas to all, and may it be a GREEN new year!!!
good night wp hope all had a happy thanksgiving and a blessed night
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