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Hit all the girls with a half gallon of Boomerang today. hope it helps with the girls.headed down homestretch now about 3 weeks to month left on couple to
Hope everyone is having a a blessed day. BUT ful out here cooking a big pot of deer hash today.smeols awesome can't wait to put some on a bed of rice
The 1000 watt hid I had in my 5×4 tent did not cover outer edges but the new SE7000 has lots of light all around the tent.means they all getting close to same amount around the tent.noticedthat the whole plant has plenty of light.inner branching has really picked up .moved light intensity up another 5% so far they seemed to take it ok
I have 3 Bubble Kush photo seeds like it so much gonna give at least in next buddy wants me to grow some Tangie clones out for him .if you remember I grew this strain a couple grows ago.nice crystal on them good taste n buzz
Fed droopy last night hope she continues to improve I hate pulling plants up but sure not gonna waste nutes on her if she not responding 
My buddy gave me his collection of seeds from Nirvana have 5 mauwie wowie can't wait it grow them out.gonna redo the way tent is set up.havev5 called pure power plant any one ever grown this strain
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She is showing signs of improvement gonna hold off on water n feeding her for couple days
PAR is 698 on top of plant now.the DIY would be about 38 correct 
Was browsing their site have some good strains to offer oreoz will be on my list this month with couple auto also
I am unable to remove the plant from tent due to netting.bag does not feel like it to dry I e light or heavy to pick up.backed the light down to 20% at 24" above plant top.she is spread open.the lower leaves don't drop as the top growth.would have to put whole tent in dark to do that.may remove it idk
Well boys this new light might not be a good thing to strong or intense light got intensity on light turned down n plant spread out some more.ifbit gonna burn my plants up that low idk
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