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New Beans!
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  •  · Ron
New to these genetics but ive heard good things, so i figured it was my time. Ive been looking for something with a good grape flav.
Day 53 (veg 2 flo 6) Pheno 8
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  •  · Vince
This one of the four phenotypes that started to flower and finished their stretch later.Much more on the sativa side with noticeably more elongated and airy looking buds.
Day 53 (veg 2 flo 6) Pheno 2
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  •  · Vince
This is the phenotype the most advanced in it's flowering, also the one whose buds look the most dense, compact and most covered in trichromes.
Day 53 (veg 2 flo 6)
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  •  · Vince
( 69 cm - 98 cm )1-2-3-48-5-6-7Half plants started to flower and finished to stretch with roughly one week and a half delay.5 plants (phenos 4,5,6,7,8) out of 8 got noticeably more elongated and airy looking buds. That's all the ones that's started to flower later plus one: the tallest from thoose that started to flower early.
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  •  · king
u guys n Florida take care and your pets 2 ....  
kool whip
week 3 already starting to frost up
bubba kush and purple gorilla cookies
week three of flower doing their thing.
good night wp hope all has a great night
Next Generation
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  •  · Hulk
These are the new kids on the block, 4 in back Skunk 1 the 4 in the front OG Kush, this is my normal routine I start things in a styrofoam cup then transplant to 5 gal smart pots after dusting the roots they go in bags with FFOF soil and given only cal-mag, liquid seaweed, and vitamins till usually week 5 then go right into flower schedule sometimes I will have to feed before that but rare. I am also pushing the limits on getting root bound I would have already transferred them but we are dealing with hurricane Ian say a prayer for us down here and along the East coast it’s going to be ugly.
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  •  · Jacweed22
Critical Purple Kush is in her jars and curing up nicely.  I had her drying for 12 days because me and my wife were on a small vacation and got Covid on the last day.  Had to hunker down in a hotel for 5 days before we could fly back home.  Was not as good of a haul as I would like.  1.5ozs buds, 1.5ozs trim (high quality).  Looking back the issues I had was my lights were too far away and I couldn't get the temp under control.  A lot of the buds just broke down when trimming hence the hefty amount of trim which is full of broken buds.  It has been curing for 2 days now so I decided to give it a try.  Quite smooth even for only 2 days of cure.  Time to binge watch some Netflix.  Enjoy!
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  •  · king
Glookies end of 7wk
Just wanted to share how tall my colas are getting…me so happy!
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