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I still have yet to replace my blades but to be honest with you, if I do use it, it's for small popcorn buds. It kind of kills me to chop up prized buds in that thing and I'm sure you've seen the loss of tricomes on the bottom of that bowl. I'd rather keep them on my buds.

If you want them blades to last longer try and keep large stems out of there and make sure you clean your blades good when your done.

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Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying what's left of summer!

Still keeping it green and getting ready for some interesting growing come this winter.

One thing for sure, it's nice to come back from a 10 day vacation  and see that your plants are flourishing thanks to a killa back-up resivor system!

Who says you can't go on vacation  when your throwing down a little grow lol?

Have a great day guys and gals!!!

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Hi everyone just dropped in to say hello!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer of 2021 to the fullest! I'm having a blast and living my best life! Nice to see you guys still growing  strong! I personally hate growing this time of year but this shit is so much fun I had to pop another off!

I enjoy reading all your posts so keep on posting and keep it interesting as usual!

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Any of you brothers or sisters grow nirvana's gdp?

Last I heard he was on a row boat to China making egg rolls.

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Looks great king!!!

My cousin actually gave me a Sicilian fig clone a few weeks ago and she be booming!

Thx smiley. I need to get my ass into baking cause I have some serious trim!!!

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Any of you brothers or sisters grow nirvana's gdp?
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  •  · I'm growing some right now. Beautiful strong ladies. Going into flower this wknd. 
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Hello everyone! As I'm in the mid 6th week of flower I did start using the purpinator on my grow to …
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