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All regs at the moment. Everyone got flipped last night, 15 day veg for everyone.

So all 4 of these shepards pie are growing identical.  Same structure, shape, size, pretty much the same as Spartans too. Obi-Wan seems I little larger.

I paid a wopping $8.33 per seed😝

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Yes sir! Even smoking it! Tough sometimes parting ways! But shit if you gonna smoke something, grab the best shit you have! Looks delicious!

Seed mix ups do happen but I can't begin to tell you how many times over the years I've seen this issue with autoflowers. They are just way to unstable! They kind of suck! And to think someone is gonna now pay $25 for just a seed is mind-blowing!

Happy Thanksgiving brother!

For my breeding tent the auto feed took me an hr and a few Johnny on the rocks! But no pH regulator. I do that shit manually for a 10 gallon res.

My ph has been bouncing from 5.8 to 6.2 so I'm happy!

Looking fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 bro!

never used it as foliar I just add it to my resivor once a week

I personally think it's better the mammoth p.

If you never used your gonna like! I would even grab the lumina. They are giving free 100,ml samples he just need to see it to your hydro store.

They did that with me and needless to say me an my guy are no Ionger friends lol but at 29.50 a 250ml bottle bis not bad!



That's a good sale! The bottled come with a date on them. You have to use them within a year. But shit works great in hydro!

Looks great! I'd start removing a few of them big fan leaves to get some light penetration into your core.

Looking at the base of your media, if you see the light on the surface your where you need to be. If you see no light then you need to defoliate a lil!

Plant looks beautiful though nice job!

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