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So I'm just finishing up this decent grow,

15 plants, all nirvana strains and not one that disappointed this grow.

Yeah some went completely wild while some stayed on the medium side but the robust smell and colors of these strains are true cannabis cup winners!

From b52, green crack, Cali orange, gelato, zkittlez, mango skunk, amnesia haze and grease monkey, in the right hands each and everyone of these strains totally killed it in the coco auto feed!

Thank you nirvana for throwing these strains out there for us to grow! I'm so looking forward to showing samples of the dried and completed project!

I winner grow for me!!!

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1st one is in the drying room looking fantastic but this one just does not want to give up growing? I'm totally thrown by this one being yet another massive plant.

I have all kinds of rope holding this one up but it's kicking my ass! One of 3 strains remaining in my grow space.

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First time around for this one but surely not the last! Mango skunk!

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Taking awhile but this momma is doing her thing!

I never grew any of my mystery  seeds out. I never understood the point of growing an unknown strain or unknown sex. Kind of can fuck everything up lol! My luck I'd plant 10 and get either 10 males or 10 auto flowers!

Northern lights baby! One of my top 5 nirvana strains!

What size piping is your drain?

How much room do you have underneath your table?

If it's like a 2" drain get a 3x2 reducer and make a funnel drain. Jam that reducer to the bottom of your table right under the hole.

That's if you have the room underneath.

I'm a fan of sk lights and also big on their customer service! 

A good choice if your looking to spend a few extra bucks. Just don't overload your grow space. One sk402-3 will nicely flower 4 nice plants. 

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From dwc to soil, indoors to outdoors and she be booming!

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Not much holding this one up.

It's hard to take a picture of this whole plant in my space. But she is pretty massive!

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She's a beast! Almost 6 feet and stacked up very nicely!

She has nice color, smell, yielder, can't go wrong with this one.

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