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Once a year I'll have time to play with pollen and try doing interesting starins.

The mother plant other then the seeds at this point is useless to me. I just want them seeds. I throw the rest out once I collected my seeds.The genetic is

The female was a Stuffed strawberries,(French toast x strawberry fritter.

The male was unknown spartan (spartan kush x black domina x unknown kush


I love this picture brother! My favorite so far in 2023💪💪💪

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Looks so delicious brother! Starting to foxtail and pistils are all brown.


If the rest of her is like this I'd yank her ass!

Looks amazing dude Enjoy!

I'm really not seeing any stress from light burn.

I'm with bluemm, just roll with it.

As for genetics lol, I'll leave this right here!

Let's go Eagles!

Looks like you have leaves below the cotyledons? Strange! Or I'm just whacked the f out lol!

So healthy and vibrant!

Top notch 💪💪💪

If your interested you can find me at raw discord forum. I'll give you as many as you want.

Unfortunately wp has us on lockdown and they don't want us communicating behind closed doors.

Hook up with me there and I'll give ya my contact info

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