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Subcool & t.g.a genetics

So as some of you know this past February subcool the founder of t.g.a genetics passed away and it seems that along with his passing  his fantastic line of genetics is dying as well. Any word on if someone will carry continue  to produce for t.g.a? 

I'm at the point now that I'm starting to hate growing out feminized seeds for many reasons so I startedto purchase a shit load of regular seeds from

Breeders all over the usa and  noticed that t.g.a stock is going and going fast! I'm definitely going back Into my wallet and grab what I can from this legendary icon and im gonna try and do my part to keep these strains going for as long as I can!

The least I can do for a brother who was as real as fuck and gave his all to guys like us. His passion for growing and producing some of the finest strains this world have ever seen will surely be missed!



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    • What up Pipes, His SAGE I saw somewhere, don't remember where. I think it might of been Strainly, I wonder if he and Ms. Jill had a amiable break up. If any body has his genetics she should ! I'll do some checkin . Peace

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      • What up chubbs?

        Yeah man their split was pretty nasty but at one time she was his partner in crime!

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      • Pipes go to Strainly and type in Sub Cool in the search. They have a bunch of his stuff . 

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        • Thank you sir!

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        • I had not heard of Subcool so I think you spreading the word is honoring him. Ethos has some pretty good genetics and good deals on regs. I dont care for their "we dont label our strains like you do" attitude but I guess they are all hybrids these days. 

          Good luck and keep us posted. 

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          • Dude was a legend! At one time I was considering trying his super soil but after seeing what Dan d went thru and the cost, I kind of backed off but he has tons of videos.

            Once I get my hands on a few of his strains I'll definitely post them.


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            • I need to check that out, thanks. Looking forward to seeing how the breeding goes for you. Its kind of nerve wrecking for me but I dont know why, I had smoked lots of weed with seeds before I started growing and even some recently, its all good

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            • You're welcome . Your 11 Spartans looks great too ! Later

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              • I have 7 packs of subs gear. He was a great dude. Mz Jill recreated alot of their old stuff. 

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