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I was born in the province of Languedoc in 1668
My family, though now impoverished, is one of the most glorious
and the ancient families of the kingdom. My father the Comte de Brissac fought in
Holland in the regiment of M. Laval and was wounded by a spear during the siege of Montferrat, on
the walls of which he was the first to hoist the royal banner. Until the age of 17, I lived in
ancestral castle, where, thanks to the care of my mother Baroness de Montjou, was
decently brought up and received a fair education.
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fake but fynny through :-)

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Stay in bed for 70 days smoking weed, get $18,000 from NASA
The people who will be selected for the program will be allowed to play games, read books, Skype, and smoke cannabis. Washington: NASA has invited volunteers to opt for their “Bed Rest Studies” program, in which the space agency has decided to pay USD 18,000 to those who can spend 70 straight days in bed and smoke different kinds of cannabis.
The people who will be selected for the program will be allowed to play games, read books, Skype, and smoke cannabis.
Through this exercise NASA aims to achieve three goals:
- Understand changing physiology in space and its effects on the process of certain missions
- Analyse impact of one’s physiological state on their ability to perform in particular tasks
- To combat any impairment that the physiological state may impose. The participants will be divided into two groups exercising and non-exercising. While the exercising group will be subject to exercise training, the latter will remain comfortably at ease.
The exercise will last between 97 and 105 days, depending on which group one belongs to.
For the first 13 days, the non-exercising subjects will be able to move freely and the exercising subjects will be able to move freely inside their bed facility for 21 days. But after the above-mentioned period everybody will be put on bed for 70 days.
The volunteers will move out of their beds only when he/she will be subjected to medical tests. The tests will be done to ascertain bone, heart, nervous, muscle, nutritional condition.
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Smiley, dunno what's strain. Blue  purple flower )))

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SubterraneanHomesickBooze, it's not mine alas. I wish to grow something like this one day.

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SubterraneanHomesickBooze, seen on internet, Ive some fb communities. 

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I see. Looks like it.

Hey Chubby441. I wish it was mine ))) alas ... just seen on internet and shared it to you ))

no problem Texasbob. In my own experience I can add, nowadays I live in the North Europe where we have cold climat and I used to live (long travel 6 years)  South Asia (India, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia countries etc ... All fruits and veg in our supermarkets taste 'plastic' dunnno how to explain clearly ... kinda tasteless, because they are imported from other countries half green, not ready yet in order to be able to handle 14-20 days cargo. Or/and grown indoors fruits and veg same taste "plastic' to me. On the other hand in the countries with hot, subtropical climat I've ate the best fruits and veg grown outdoors by local farmers. I can 100% guarantee that Outdoors grown fruits taste REAL, and Indoors fruits are tasteless. No any super light can replace SUN light and energy. We grow indoors just because we can't grow outdoors for different reasons; legacy, climat, secure issues etc however buds from growbox never in a trillion years would taste as good as outdoors buds grown in proper climat (area). I smoked the best hash, buds, etc in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and North India, where it grows wildly everywhere outdoors. Serious problem for local farmers by the way as cannabis weed hurt rice fields etc. Natural, organic stuff is always the best.  .... Unfortunately some who are looking for higher effect use synthetic cannabinoids nowadays. (K2/Spice) etc which led to Horrible, Awful Things That Happened When People Used Spice. Like; Woman On Spice Destroyed A Subway In Alaska, Man On Spice Cut The Fetus Out of His Wife's Womb, Texas Man Ate A Dog After Using Spice, Louisville Man Attempted To Force Himself On A Woman While Using K2, Arizona Man Decapitated His Wife And Terminated His Dogs, etc etc ... 

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