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I was born in the province of Languedoc in 1668
My family, though now impoverished, is one of the most glorious
and the ancient families of the kingdom. My father the Comte de Brissac fought in
Holland in the regiment of M. Laval and was wounded by a spear during the siege of Montferrat, on
the walls of which he was the first to hoist the royal banner. Until the age of 17, I lived in
ancestral castle, where, thanks to the care of my mother Baroness de Montjou, was
decently brought up and received a fair education.

what'd you mean that much? I've used ONLY 2gr of dried bud to make a Small Batch Cannabutter. The strain is Glory Sum Cookies, 1% CBD / 17-19%THC. I am sure about it as I am prescribed and provided by pharmacy this MC. And I ate half, means 1 gr, do you think it's too much? 

In the UK last few years dry herb vaporizers becoming very popular. More and more people switch smoking to vaping, claiming lots of health benefits, clearer high, a way more pure taste of cannabis. Besides it takes much less amount of cannabis to vape in order to achieve the same result compared to traditional smoking. In the UK Medical Cannabis is legal since 2018 but pharmacies mostly sale IRRADIATED cannabis. Irradiated medical cannabis refers to cannabis that has been treated with ionising radiation to reduce the presence of harmful microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This process involves exposing the cannabis to a controlled dose of gamma rays or electron beams, which can kill or inactivate the microorganisms. A recent study has shown that the most important therapeutically active components THC and CBD are not affected by the radiation. Herbal cannabis products, often used by vulnerable patients, are treated by gamma-irradiation to free them from contamination with potentially harmful microbes.

Many thanks Hulk, I wish I knew this process too. So far just keeping experimenting with edibles, yesterday I've made butter and ate like half of it. In 15-20 min had nice effect but it's gone relatively quickly.

Thanks CakeFan1970, I am prescribed and use oil hybrid/indica full spectrum: 20mg THC, 10mg CBD /ml 30 millilitres as well. I put 0.5 - 1.0 mg under my tong and keep it for 10-15 min. Don't feel much effect. The dried flowers (buds) I am prescribed; 1)sativa <1% CBD/ TWENTY% THC, Glory Glue 2) indica <1% CBD / 17-19%THC Glory Sum Cookies) 3) balanced hybrid/indica 5% THC/ 10% CBD . I used to smoke/vape these flowers but now have to figure out the best alternative way to consume it. Preferably having the same effect as when smoking. 

Cheers king, butter is fine, cookies would be a bit problematic to me as I am on soft food after my surgery. Can you please share how do you decarb your cannabis before using it for butter/cookies? I'd like to make sure I am doing it right. My method is, I pre heat oven 110-120 C ( 230-245 Fahrenheit). Then I put a kitchen towel on a tray inside oven. And I put my cannabis buds into a glass jar and place it on towel. I keep it 20-30 min, then wait till the jar chills and grind buds, making it like a powder. Then I just add it on top of a piece of cake, milk shake, yoghurt, ice cream, etc. I usually add a gram of 24% Indica bud for a single portion. The effect is so little or different to me that I almost notice any difference. Not sure what's wrong. 

Many thanks Texasbob, as you mentioned it's a bit different high. And it get's slower, perhaps stays longer.I wanted to share an interesting analogy I came across that perfectly explains the difference between smoking cannabis and using edibles. Imagine you have a bottle of whiskey, let's say it's 1 liter in size, and it contains 40% alcohol by volume. Now, let's also consider 10 cans of cider, each with 4% alcohol content. Surprisingly, both the whiskey and the cider add up to the same 40% alcohol. Here's where it gets interesting: When you take a sip of whiskey, the alcohol hits your system rapidly, almost instantly. It's like a fast lane to your bloodstream. However, if you were to slowly enjoy those 10 cans of cider, it would take time for the alcohol to have the same effect. Now, let's relate this to cannabis. When you smoke cannabis, it's similar to the whiskey scenario. The effects come on quickly because the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream rapidly through your lungs. On the other hand, using cannabis butter is more like sipping on those cans of cider. It takes a bit longer for the effects to kick in because the cannabinoids need to be processed through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream.

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Hi guys, after about 20 years of smoking cannabis I have to stop it for now as I have had an operation, surgery 4 days ago. This was my wisdom tooth removal and large cyst from my lower jaw. I am wondering what is the best (after smoking) method to consume it. Cooking, oils, etc. Please kindly advice. Thanks. 

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Dry herb vaporizer or joint? I am considering to switch to vape. Pro and con? Device suggestions please. 

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Shortly, cannabis is one year plant. It sprouts, growing on veg, blooming (producing seeds in nature) and dies. Re-veg is something artificial, not natural to a plant. Some plants will do re-veg some simply won't. After you switch your lights from bloom 12/12 to 20/4 or 24 veg mode you have to wait 3-4 weeks only to notice/figure out weather your plant will do re-veg or not. This is a massive stress for a plant and it can turn into herm, being male/female same time. Re-veg plant brings a way smaller buds if any .... sometimes really small, only pop corn buds ... etc, many things can go wrong and usually go wrong as this is very un-natural for cannabis to re-veg. 

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Only 1 time re-veged, not any more for this particular plant. The second harvest's buds almost twice smaller but a way more, /almost double :-)/ amount of it ... there are some pro-s and con-s for re-veg, almost everything said about re-veg on internet is true ... I just tried it once for the first time as liked the taste of the plant, dunno weather will I do re-veg again ... maybe yes, depending on ciurcumstances ... //Reveg can be time consuming and sometimes risky// --- time consuming, .... not always, this one took 3andhalf months from 1st harvest till the second ... risky - yes, many things can go wrong and they will go wrong, and weird ... 

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