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 Hello Peeps, finally got my Medical Card 🥰feeling good to be Legal at last. 

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  I use it and swear by on all my plants,  especially on the heavy feeders,  like WHT Rhino,   tomatoes 🍅 and banana ect 🪴 everything benefits , although I only use it every other week unless there are clear signs of deficiencies. 

Agreed  get some Cal-mag  , I used it on everything,  Tomatoes, and my grows,  and house plants 

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It's seems like everyone is raising their prices 😕 and as for me I will be cloning. I on disability and can't afford to buy ,and the only way to have them lower the price again is to not buy them. Just my humble opinion.  Happy growing 

  • OK , I have a fan and I'm a constant 78deg s  and my lights hung @27" .and it's a training technique, fimming and I have a net to hang for sog,  first for both for me and just got the tent 😆 lol so I'm on a learning curve learning. 

Think it Bubba kush, it's a freebies

Yes it's foxfarms ocean, 

Thanks I'm going to try sog, just have to get it up .

I do have holes in my bucket and am about to hang my net in so I can sog as well as fimming 

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Yeah I used fabric and it soaked up the nutrition I used and I made the mistake of not cleaning them and lost a hole grow,  so 5gal is probably the best way I think, easy to move and clean 

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