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Btw, Mississippi got screwed after 74% of the population actually voted for the amendment. We didn’t even get an amendment but we got a politically picked bullshit medical law. I can’t see where it would be worth investing in it. Long as I’m smoking good stuff they can have their laws and leave me out of them. For 2 years after that the citizens of Mississippi couldn’t even protest our state government. It started with a judge filing a suite claiming all the names on the petition to get it on the ballot was not correct because Mississippi had never passed a motion to change from 5 districts to 4. Then they left it that way until the pain from the amendment passed and I’m sure they got more ways to block our majority wishes. It sux but o well what you gonna do? 

My father unexpectedly passed and wished for me to continue to run the 50 year old family business. I have been training people to run it. I would rather have dad back and be conversing with you all still but life changes. You never know until it has already happened. I wish you all great blessings! Have fun and I’ll be back one day soon.

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Hi all!! Long time no see. Been a wild ride for me the past couple years. Work too much to even participate or grow. I would love to but got to much other going on for now. Didn’t recognize the portal. Just going to drop in and say hi and look at the best buds on the web. Everyone on here is 100%! Have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff. It will come to all you newer growers with these folks helping you! They taught me. It’s like riding a bike once you learn it’s nothing to it. Just listen and have “patience”. If it takes 10-12 weeks to mature let it go. It’s worth it! Better to be dryer than wet when putting up in jars/c-vaults to cure. Don’t want mold! You don’t have to do a great job trimming for your own stash unless you just want to. Those small leaves are covered with trics too. They are also gonna fall off over time.  PH is everything. Let the mycorrhiza in the soil do the work. A little Recharge on top of a watering goes a long way when feeding chemical nutrients in soil, coco, or water. Less is more when it comes to nutrients. I wouldn’t use over 1/4 of what the bottle says just starting out. The nutrient companys want to sell you as much as they can. They don’t care how you use it. You will learn the cycles of the plants and have better results as you learn. I’m smoking on a couple different Nirvana strains. My buddy grew me some with my equipment. You all have a good one!! I’ll try to drop a bud in the post if I can figure out how. Be Blessed!!

These colas are 18-20 inches long and green all the way to the bottom up until recently. They are starting to fade. That is what they are supposed to do as they mature though. No problem with light penetration. That is 12 inches from the bottom Scrog net to the top stabilizer net. They are 6-8 inches over the top net. These are well over waist high bushes. Don’t be scared of leds. The SF-4000s are awesome to grow under as well. I don’t even need a special assigned ac in my veg area most of the year at 50% power. Right now it runs very little and it is hot in my neck of the woods.

A little closer for the 1300 PPFD. Between 31-32 inches at 100% for the 1300 PPFD. 34/35 inches for the 1000. Since I got 2 in this 4x8 I run them at around 30 inches at less power to save some power and help the boards last longer instead of raise them. Depends on the coverage your after, the layout and reflectiveness of the surroundings, and light lap also of course.

I got me 5 outside this round. Can’t wait to smell them in full flower. They are clones off one a buddy already sorted through. She’s stanky!!

HLG 650R. They are bad boys. I wouldn’t even look at an led until they got the blurple out of them. Now I wouldn’t flower with anything less. I think it is more about the PPFD than the spectrum but I can’t handle the early blurple lights. You get these lights or a HID bulb to close to your plants it will cost you quality as well as quantity! Without Co2 enrichment and a dialed in nutrient mix anything over around 1000 PPFD will hurt your plants. Just like feeding to heavy. Anyone that says you can’t have too much light is wrong or has an unlimited supply of Co2 and their nutrients dialed in perfect. Still I have found anything over 1300 PPFD or so at the top of the canopy is waisted. Doesn’t seem to help any and maybe a gradual negative effect on your harvest. These are at 1300 PPFD with 1250 PPM Co2 levels. One fixture would have probably blast this 4x8 but I tend to overdo. LOL With the extra height of the Gorilla Grow tent or the 8 foot ceiling grow room these are really great lights. I also put the HLG UAV Bar on these for flowering. I run it from the first sign of frost on. I veg under Spider Farmer SF4000s now at 24” and 50% power or 600 PPFD top of canopy. You can’t look at the picture and really see the mass of these colas. They are waist tall trees. I’m running 3 flavors right now. 11 roses, Gorilla Glue #4, and Arkansas Skunk. The Skunk is outdoors. First time in many years for outdoors. I almost forgot how.

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Thanks all! Everyone still around?

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