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I am in N.C. Last year ( my 1st.) I started in June. Just barely made it by frost. I now have lights and started Feb 1, We will see how that goes.

Please let us know what you find out.

I can understand the idea of pumping air into the containers which would be similar to the burping, which apparently has to be done. But heat sealing the bag, would in my opinion, end the ability to burp. Somehow the Grove bags burp themselves. I think that I am missing something,

I have not heat sealed them. I started using them in September 2021 ( my first grow ) Them do not let light in or smell out. I don't know how they burp themselves, I am not sure why people heat seal them. I also use a temp. and relative humidity gauge in each bag. Mine have been curing almost 4 months and the flavor is still continuing to increase. I can not find a better and easier way to cure weed.  The Grove bags really work and and actually are cheaper and way more efficient. Best if luck (really no luck to it) Let me know how they work out for you.

I use Grove bags. They work. They do everything that they are advertised to do. They are cheap, don't take up much room, are reusable, and don't need to be burped.

I purchased the Ipower 19". It worked great for wet trim. I have used it about 12 times since summer. It always works great and fast.It will do about 3 quarts of buds in less than 10 minutes. I would absolutely buy it again.

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Grove Terploc bags for me.

I am in the mountains of Western North Carolina

This is my first grow. I have 12 plants about to be harvested. They look great. I didn't know that Miracle Grow was shunned, that is what mine are planted in. Before I knew about forums I just went to Lowe's and bought what I thought was the good stuff. Wish me well.

I am growing outside, 15 plants, I thought that it was a lot less hassle than growing inside. This is my first year so I have no comparison.

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I do not know how to post a picture. Tell me where to read how and I will post it. Thank you.

I use Black strap Molasses 5 teaspoons per gallon of water. My plants are doing great. And it is also cost effective, I pay 9.29 per gallon.

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