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This is my first grow. I have 12 plants about to be harvested. They look great. I didn't know that Miracle Grow was shunned, that is what mine are planted in. Before I knew about forums I just went to Lowe's and bought what I thought was the good stuff. Wish me well.

    • "Shunned" is a bit harsh.  lol

      First grow? Check it out. A lot of us have and do use it. A lot of us started growing long before the online seedbank or grow shop, so we used what we could find.

      Be careful, it's easy to over do it with MG. Watch you plant, it'll tell you what's going on.

      How bad can MG be, if you've made it this far, and the plants look great??  If it works, stick with it until you find something better.

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