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Can you provide a link please, thanks!


Nirvana was great back when there was a handful of seed banks, prices were reasonable and before covid came I would usually receive my seeds in less than a month. With more states becoming legal American based seed banks are becoming more and more common! Gone are the days of extra stealth shipping and the crazy $20 shipping insurance fees, I no longer get seeds in plastic bags but real manufacturer packaging with postage at between $5 -$10 or free if I meet order minimums! It's a new world for cannabis enthusiast and unfortunately Nirvana dropped the ball, they had a great thing going for the newbie/mid level grower. To be honest I've seen prices increased everywhere but non as drastic as Nirvana for the quality of unstable (multiple phenotypes) copycat genetics they offer. 

If you need any help with finding reputable seed banks just drop me a line, I breed my own seeds so I've searched extensively all over the web looking for stock to work with. I can help point you in the right direction, cheers!

2 Guns and a Guy, Greenpoint Seeds and New420Guy have reasonable pricing and solid genetics! There's so many seed merchants now it will be easy to replace Nirvana for my mid level seed needs.

I had a order with Seedsman that took 2 months to arrive! What they did/do is wait to send product to their USA shipper out of Maine then they package it, provide tracking numbers then ship it out! I've never had issues with them. Seedsman had discovered a bad batch of Diet Durban fems and reached out to all who purchased, the offered free vouchers or full refunds plus 10%! I have no issues with Seedsman in my experience, cheers!

Nirvana had a nice thing going, I'm was truly shocked when I saw these new prices!

I got mine from SeedsHereNow and I also had a pack delivered from Seedsman, I believe they still may have some packs available, they tend to sell quick! GG Strains website has a distributor list that can help you!

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It seems I lost all my voucher points of about $40 in this shift to USA based website! I doesn't matter anyway!

I always considered Nirvana as a beginning/mid level seed source for those starting out because the copycat genetics were decent, certainly not premium genetics! With these new price points they decided to implement I'll no longer be supporting Nirvana!

With a few searches on line I can find premium USA genetics that are vastly superior to anything you have to offer at more reasonable prices plus freebies that blow away anything Nirvana sells. For instance I purchased a 6 pack of feminized Original Glue by GG Strains for $100 and I received two different sets of Ethos freebies, 5 regular seeds and 3 feminized. Brotanical Gardens sold me a 20 pack of feminized Ethos Citral Glue for $100 plus $5 shipping and they also sent me premium freebies, one from Seattle Chronic and one from Ethos, these are freebies that haven't been watered down with Dutch genetics! Your Original Glue is a joke compared to the real deal!

Good luck Nirvana, I'll check in with you from time to time but honestly I'll be removing you from my email list simply because your new price point is a joke! Even your regular seeds are overpriced, to bad, I doubt future growers in the USA will be turning to Nirvana Seeds. I hope others that plan to offer seeds in America like Greenhouse Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds learn from your greed! Seedsmans USA distribution fortunately are still very affordable to American seed collectors!


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No, I'm sure they're legitimate, I asked Nirvana. Specifically I asked about Gorilla Glue regulars and they said they were their seeds. I can't remember specifics but I have it in a email somewhere.

Seed City, Attitude and yes, Seedsman.

What does the new packaging look like, thanks!

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