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This year we will do a OD and ID grow competition.

You can start when ever you want but the ID has to be be finished 1 oct and the OD has to be finished 1 nov.

You can use any strain of any seedbank of choice to enter also it does not matter if your choice is autoflower or photoperiod, same rules apply for this competition.

you can post your grow pictures in here whenever you want offcourse.

At the end you select the best 3 pics and post them *i will start a different post by then where you can post the pictures* and the people can vote who has the best grow at the end of the year.

The prices :

3 packs of choice for the indoor winner BUT he/she has to give 1 pack away to a random person (can be a friend or a random person on weedportal) and the same goes for the outdoor contest, 3 packs of choice for the winner BUT the winner has to give 1 pack away to another person (once again it can be a friend or a random person on wp)

Even tho its not much its better then nothing

And last but not least : Offcourse it would be nice to know what you are growing so if you post pictures do include the name of the strain in case people would be intrested to grow that strain themselfs (no matter what seedbank)


    • I'd like to cast my vote for Hulk's Blue Dream

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      • Thanks Sub

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      • Blue Dream by Nirvana

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        • Can i repost that pic Hulk ?

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          • Yes Sir, thanks for asking

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            • Every one of those pictures should be used for Nirvana's seed site!

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              • i see many nice looking plants already :)


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                • Strawberry cough harvested 3weeks ago 

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                  • very nice Dee bud i grew some couple years a go it didn't look as nice as yours good work my friend i think i still have 2 seeds  

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