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How long are seeds good for normally before they will no longer germinate? Are they good as packaged from Nirvana for several months?

    • I've had seeds for ten years that still germinated before.my last grow my la kush cake was 5 years old. took a little longer to germinate but just left it in the paper towel method for 13 days and it sprouted. ill leave them in a towel for a month if they don't mold on older seeds.

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      • I get to tell this a couple times a year

        They found corn seeds in Mesa Verde that were over a 1000 years old and they popped. They found seeds in a Mastodons belly that were millions of years old and they popped. Seeds will survive   

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        • The oldest seed I revived was 20 years old! Check this out! Documentary available on YouTube! https://www.voanews.com/a/israel-harvests-dates-from-2000-year-old-seeds-/6269266.html

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        • i think it all depends on the way you store them, if you it correct they last for a very very long time :)

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          • I really should test some I've had in the freezer for 15, 16 years. My writing and abbreviations will assure I don't have a clue what they are, lol!

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            • They typically last about 10 years if there kept cool and dry, but could last longer if there stored correctly in the fridge or freezer. In the fridge I would say about 10-20 years and if frozen they last indefinitely as long as your not taking them in and out..... they like stability and no fluxuations.

              Also to note when freezing them, I would not freeze them more than once and only take them out when your ready to grow them but always move them to the fridge to defrost before you move them to an area with a normal room temp.

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