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For the first 2 weeks atleast you need to provide plants with 6000K+ or maybe 5600K. Hps you can turn on after it reaches 6 inches or more. Thats a no brainer .. Try a simple white LED bulb , you dont have to turn off the HPS just stick it next to current light.

I had it on 3500K warm white for 3-4 weeks same like you ,and nothing was happening.Switched out to a 20W LED bulb it was 7500K spectrum, and i got a massive plant in under 1 week.

Im using a single 30W real value 6700k led light for veg, at about 25cm , it used to be 15 cm but i moved it becouse of the temp. Overall im very happy with the speed of the grow, considering that this plant didnt use to have normal leaves, so we had to wait for the 3rd set of leaves to actualy get it to grow.

I cut off the first round set , and the 2nd mutated set of leaves just so that it wont focus on repairing them as much as growing bigger.

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This used to be a stunted seedling recovered great. How long do you think before it starts flowering? 

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the range is 10-15 cm from plant, never been puting them 40-50cm with weak lights

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ive been succesfully growing plants with a 12w 6700K led bulb de-lided, and for flower 20W cfl.

:D 3 $ total budget ive been running for some time , and it works.. (tbh i put 3x cfl 20w for flower )

I reccomend Royal CBG/CBD, from rqs, has about 8% of cbg and cbd each and tastes very good

Feel free to experiment if u can , its not animal cruelty

I think both are fine , I used 18/6 in the first week but it was very slow so now its on 24/7 full time.

Grows faster, looks very healthy. Some say the buds will be more airy if grown 24/0 lighting , but not by much..

And it all depends on other factors aswell.

I grew photoperiods before on 24/0 veg period, and they were just fine poped 12/12 later for flowering.

I kept Red leds on through veg it was growing so slow, and a few days ago turned far red off completely now its growing normaly.

Nice . are you running full spectrum through veg also ?

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