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Beautiful garden you got going!

I’m running over 1000 watts for 14 plants. Yea you need a lot more light. Light is key to growth for sure.

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Absolutely beautiful!!

Oh boy, I hope they don’t give me the runaround lol.

Yea, that is why I’m taking suggestions, so many great strains for sure.

I am taking suggestions on what strain?

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I just found out I am this weeks winner. Yes, any suggestions on what strain I should pick. 

Thanks Miggs I didn’t even know. 

Interesting I will follow this one.

Once you try coco you won’t go back to soil.

Girl Scout cookie is pretty skunky to me, but I haven’t grown many strains yet.

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  •  · i use Hanna PH pin ... great move on my part  !!

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