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Works great! The roots just grow right thru the bag. I’ve done a triple bagger lol.

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I use a heating pad from the pharmacy that you use for pain lol.

Sorry for your loss. Life is short, live everyday like it’s your last. My mom has been declining for years now and I can tell this year maybe her last. This stuff is so god dam hard.

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They are beautiful what is your secret to growing plants like that in only 1 gallon container.

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Yea, I think just raising or lowering the light is the way to go. I do the same thing with my LED lighting.

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I keep a log of everything I am doing in the grow room. Just a text file that I write what was done today.

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You can also grow in a room like I do, to me it’s easier to control a whole room than a tent. You can use a humidity controller and a temperature controller, it works great. I also recommend growing in coco, to me much easier than soil, much faster growth. Don’t give up on growing indoors! Remember indoors we get to control all of the variables out doors you have little to no control. Happy growing!

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don't know how this happen tried 2 un do but .....

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does water temperature effect PH adjustment ??

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Yea, let the smoke begin. Very nice!

I also agree 18/6 save some electricity.

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  •  · i use Hanna PH pin ... great move on my part  !!

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