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I have a major problem, why are all my buds stay light and airy as opposed to thick and dense? This has happened the same to me indoors,  outdoors, feminized and autos. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong, that my flowers will not become full and more dense. Can anyone maybe try to help out in figuring the cause of this, or a common mistakes nubys like myself make?

    • we do need the above information u have more than one thing going on check under the leaves u may need a jewelers loop 2 c what's going on  growweedeasy.com will help u the strain has must 2 do with airy buds auto flowers have a mind of there own keep us posted so we can get u on the wright path 2 a happy garden ..

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      • looks like thrip bites, could be mites, i use a peppermint oil spray a buddy suggested that can be used around the flowers as long as your not drenching it in, it works pretty good keeping pests at bay. also use mosquito bits in the top soil to mitigate larva of anything trying to breed. DE works too in the soil application, i would keep it away from the plant and dust the soil. wouldn't want anything in my flowers. even the peppermint stuff, except for a mist from over spray I try to stay away from the flower . this is why they ate all my buds. next year I am pulling out the big guns and getting some BT for those freaking wyrms. also going to treat the whole yard and reduce the resident bad bug population as well. definitely going to go all in on aggressive measures.

        And a tent like DP said, cheaper than good bugs.

        i am having a bug season, so-so harvest, definitely nothing to show. not a satisfying outside season.

        So yeah look for thrips, they are there. 

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        • The others are right man you do have some bug attacking it. I had red southern mites on one of mine a few weeks ago an they leave those little white bite marks like that.

          I had to cut it down and order an army of ladybugs to get rid of them out of my tent, I also had to spray it with peppermint oil.


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          • I am going with thirps, heat and too much nutrients. I suggest lowering the temps if you can, flush for a couple of days and buying some MIghty from NPK, nothing else will kill the mites and the larva and leave you with something you can safely smoke. Lady bugs should be called Lazy Bugs, they dont do squat. When you start to feed again start at 1/4 -1/2 the strength your feeding now

            Have you seen webs on your plants before? That is a bad thing and when this grow is over you have some work to do. Sorry I have Spider MIte PTSD, lol

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