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Started this indoor in March, brought it out when weather warmed and is in a 50 gal bag now. 

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Yes sir, I have one and am keeping a close eye on it. First grow, worried to death I'll miss the right time to pull it. 

How do you post these pics, almost all my pics are over 2 MB except the close up ones. Is there a way to add photos larger, or do i need to take photos in that range? 

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Not sure what strain, started it indoors in March then acclimated to outdoors. It's in a 50 gal bag now, it looks like it's getting close but this is my first grow. 

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Thanks Mark, I'm looking forward to learning how to grow good flower, and picking the brains of you seasoned growers. 

Us plumbers appreciate the sentiment. 🤣

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Good morning, I'm new to the portal, this is my first grow and unfortunately I had unidentified seeds. One seems to be an auto, I started them indoors in March then acclimated them to the outdoors. This is what I've got so far, after having to throw away a couple hermaphrodites.

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