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Luckily the CC card company wouldn’t let the transaction go through.  New card arrived . Tried to think back where could have found my CC info. In todays world it could be halfway around the world or 4 miles down the road. I just don’t use the card much .  Thanks to all the members that gave me a bit of insight. Now to get down to my grow!  

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2 grows back I ended up with spider mites . Little bastards destroyed that grow. Washed everything down , started new grow and a few weeks before harvest friggin powdery mildew ! I shut everything down, tossed 4 plants and walked away from the grow room. Here it is 2 years later , sanitized it all and put an Original Glue in the tent today. Now I’m frustrated every time I peek in the tent. I’ve had been smoking 2 1/2 yr old weed . Be nice to try this Glue. 

Thank you all for your responses !  Just from what you all tell me I see it’s much worse than I thought.  New card on the way. I’m on my accounts daily . Glad the CC company caught it before went through. Now the fun part changing card number on some accounts. 


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Up here they pull the same shit. In my county most of the small wrecker services were bought out by a tractor trailer wrecker service. You want to see large charges ! I know the guy personally and he has pulled some illegal crap. They love it when they snatch a vehicle on a Friday .  Their impound yard closes on Friday afternoon and reopens Monday.  Instant bonus for the thief’s ! 

Thanks for the response 420.   I haven’t had any issues with buying my beans from the either for about 5 years.  My thought is possibly the bank or company that processes the payment might have been hacked.  The card company had stopped the transaction before it went through.  In todays world it could be anyone anywhere in the world. 

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Here’s an odd question but needs to be asked. 
  Has any one recently ( in the last month or so) had a charge to their credit card that they didn’t make ?  I’ve just had my credit card company email me and call me to see if I had made a charge today . The charge was for $479 and change . This charge was from supposedly a lawyer in Florida. I’m located on the northern border of the US. The charge Only provided first name and last initial.  It was definitely fraud. I’ve only used my card a few times in the last month. One of the purchases was from Nirvana for beans a few weeks ago . Only reason I bring this up is I’m trying to figure out where this took place.   No blame to any specific company but thought I would see if anyone else had recent issues. Thanks for your time and understanding of this strange question. 

Back 40 years ago on a New Year’s Eve I stopped by a house party on the way to the bar/disco . ( ya disco ! ) A young lady walked by with a plate of brownies. She walked back by twice.   About an hour we left for the destination.  It was about 8pm.    At about 2:30am I realized I had been walking all around the bar Al night looking to find the table I was at an looking for my coat. I don’t or didn’t remember any of what went on for all that time. I was totally lost.  That was a wicked buzz !

That would be nice .  That will make me do the refrigerator crawl ! 

I’m actually looking for something that gives me more than an our sleep at a time.  I have been smoking less than a joint throughout the night. Trying this Original Glue this time. Maybe I should give making butter . Very little heat so won’t kill off THC. Thanx for your response Sub.

I’ll definitely check out the recipe on GWE ! Thanks!

I’ve tried 3 different batches in the past. I do feel like I’m cooking the THC out wile evaporating the hootch.  I can’t seem to locate a recipe that uses this type of tincture. I believe the recipe Magical Butter has left something out.  Thanks for the response

Nice !  Seems like it takes forever to get to that point ! ! 

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Here’s an odd question but needs to be asked.   Has any one recently ( in the last month or so) had …
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