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Did someone say Bubblicious? Lol! You can never go wrong with Bubblicious from Nirvana. I'm a lil partial to bubblegum but thats just me. My first grow of it was back in early 2000's and I have 8 vegging now, one of my all around favs from Nirvana.


I noticed you have red/purple petioles. Is your main stalk still green or turning red/purple like the leaf stalks? I see no purple in your bud or leaves so that doesn't lead me to believe its from genetics.

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Northatlantic, they have it from Barney's in an auto and they ship. They are not cheap tho.

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So far so good in my part of Florida.

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New to these genetics but ive heard good things, so i figured it was my time. Ive been looking for something with a good grape flav.

Thanks! Yep, roots were peaking thru the second cube on Mon so I threw them up in the table and started 2nd week nutes. When I double stack, more of the water tends to stay in the bottom cube but reg feeding keeps the top cube moist. Yes sir, youd be correct, I feed 3 times a week right now but you know indoors can always be adjusted.

Stay safe my friend. I'm hoping the power stays on for both of us. 

Idk? Looks good on my end. I doubled checked my post under my profile and the home page with everyones posts. 

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Alright guys, what ya think? Almost thru week one of veg. Starting week two of nutes on Mon for these ladies. Started eight of Nirvana Bubblicious fem and all eight are making decent progress.

Thanks! Thats my 04 - 05 catalog. My first grow with Nirvana genetics was in 06. My all time fav from Nirvana was their Maroc x Afghan, loved it!!

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