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Thanks!! Its one of my personal favs from Nirvana. I bought these on a buy one get one, started 8 and all 8 popped, have 8 left. 

Thanks Hulk! To me its worth the grow. 

Appreciate that! She sure is. Yes sir, letting her bulk up.

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Thanks ChAs!!

I agree. My res, tray, hydroton and lava rocks all cleaned by light bleach and water. The proof is in the pudding, check out my current grow. Plants have original leaves, stalks are as big as a pencil, 9 finger leaves and all still under T5s vegging for 13 days. A high percentage cleaning  peroxide and not rinsing well can kill a plant like too much bleach and not rinsing well enough can do. Just my crazy fn opinion. 😉😀

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Did someone say Bubblicious? Lol! You can never go wrong with Bubblicious from Nirvana. I'm a lil partial to bubblegum but thats just me. My first grow of it was back in early 2000's and I have 8 vegging now, one of my all around favs from Nirvana.


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