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I believe this is nitrogen poisoning with the mutated leaves really dark leaves and brittle stem and foxtailing. Can anyone confirm

    • i can confirm that you have light sensitivity problems such as a possible light leak. im basing this on the smooth fingers showing a sign of going back to vegetation from flower

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      • can u post a picture of the whole plant ??

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        • I can guarantee you no foxtailing

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          • What type of light you using?


            How are you feeding and how much?

            What type of media are you using and@ what pH?

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            • From what I can see I have to agree with the light leak possibility because that looks like it is trying to reveg. I think you have more than one issue going on though and you haven't given us enough information to go on. What is your ph? Type of light, soil, nutrients ? Also more pictures would help. 

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