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Towards the top where I'm getting foxtailing as well. They're in soil and I have been using access


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I believe this is nitrogen poisoning with the mutated leaves really dark leaves and brittle stem and foxtailing. Can anyone confirm


 honestly I don't even care if it stays Auto. Not a crazy serious grower anymore. Just have some time on my hands. Thanks again

Thanks very much for your input everyone. I was pretty confident from the start. I just wanted to have some more insight.

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Hello, long time member first time post. So I'm wanting to make some feminized seeds with a common colloidal silver method that I am familiar with. Here's my question. I've never used this method on autoflower. Is it the same process or are there any differences and after harvesting the pollen? can I then use that pollen on any strain of female plant to produce new strain of feminized seeds? Ty

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