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Autoflower feminized seeds

Hello, long time member first time post. So I'm wanting to make some feminized seeds with a common colloidal silver method that I am familiar with. Here's my question. I've never used this method on autoflower. Is it the same process or are there any differences and after harvesting the pollen? can I then use that pollen on any strain of female plant to produce new strain of feminized seeds? Ty

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    • Good question and if you want to grow autos making seeds could save you a lot of $. Honestly it confuses me on how to guarantee auto seeds but I have to think that using CS to make pollen from an auto on an auto will give you auto seeds. 

      As for cross breeding, there are mixed answers on here as to does fermionized pollen make a true cross or not. My opinion is the genetics game in nature is a crap shoot so chances are it could make a different plant but either way the dominant genes are coming from the mother.  From what I have read when you cross breed its 75% from the mother 25% from the father but I think there is an infinite # of variables in that .

      Be advised though there is some scientific fact to prove Auto's trying to cross breed themselves are the reason for what happened at Chernobyl and the real reason for the explosion's on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. 

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      • Yes you can CS an auto...last winter i did a Cs project in one of my small setups with two different strains..i took pollen from one auto and dusted the other strain and it made seeds..i let it grow long as it would stay alive so it would make viable seeds...so then this past summer i took 3 of those seeds and stuck em outside to test run them to see if they went into bloom like an auto does and they all 3 did..within 4 weeks they was in bloom...i used some same nutes as i did with other reg fem plants but didnt do to much special things with em..just kinda let em go to see what happened..turned out pretty good..nice hard budz..normal leafs..THC was good too...i think i have a couple pics of them in my albums or in my photos

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        • oh i forgot..i havnt tried  using Auto pollen on a Photo Fem so cant help ya on that..GL

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        • Thanks very much for your input everyone. I was pretty confident from the start. I just wanted to have some more insight.

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             honestly I don't even care if it stays Auto. Not a crazy serious grower anymore. Just have some time on my hands. Thanks again

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