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I've had a few spots like that. Every time I opened it up, I found a worm.

Damage I've seen from worms looks a lot like bud rot.


And, yeah, not sure I'm diggin this outdoor stuff. Too much left to Nature. We all know what a fickle bitch she can be.

    • Good point Rbt ! Either way do some surgery to remove the effected bud. 

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      • My autos went into the burning pile, they weren't worth trimming even for Kief. I think my 2 photoperiods have a chance though. They are sticky as hell but there is no rain predicted for next week. That could change in a hour though 

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        • The aphids I found on the plant will they  hurt the buds or just mess with the leaves I check the plants good found a few eggs on a few leaves killed what I found pulled off all the leaves that had bug damage 

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          • Aphids can reproduce asexually. Many of them are born pregnant as well

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