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Are you going to put them into darkness before cutting???

Do you start counting from the 12/12 flip or at first sight of pistols ??? 
healthy looking plant 

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Maybe your right king no one is complaining all I can say is it’s a nice looking plant be happy 

and I’ll just leave it at that 

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you should hear your self stop complaining about W/P it is what it is you grow great plants and your able to share your pictures and your experience with other like your self and that’s a great thing so smoke yourself a bowl and chill find the good not the bad !!

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what’s up rocket California light works is my go to lights company have two ec in a 4x4 have different price range I have no complaints and there made in the USA 🇺🇸 not china there controller for the lights is great 

My next grow I plan on keeping an eye on the ppm taking your advice I have the setting on my ph meter just didn’t bother to check it will take the guest out of it 

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Never dealt with it so really not sure but is this bud rot or not ???help me out guys 
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