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Still a lot of clear needs to get more milky color to me I think 

Well you said 4 more weeks its been 2 now I’m going to keep a close eye on them I’ve been checking them like a GYN doctor every day 

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Hi Ed welcome to WP some people actually make juice from them or eat them in a salad I would think it would taste like shit but Hay who I’m I to judge to each his own if you’d like to try let me know how it taste 👅 

Oh ya my wife puts them in with alcohol and menthol and uses it for rubbing on her joints she has bad arthritis  I don’t have any medical proof but she swears bye it 

other then that just trash them good luck on your grow 👍

Well with the way you have it rigged you can lift it to make it easier 

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That’s so touching, I’m glad to have  been able to look into a part of you,I can see how passionate you are about your growing and helping other growers people like you are hard to find!!  

Oh ya and thanks for the fish shit !!

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Ya I just had to cut off another bud from that plant I cut out the rot ,trimmed it have it drying with the other one 

lucky there are 3 plants the others are doing well 

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Still not ready little more Time yet 

photo is from bud I had to cut off amnesia haze with the bud rot cut all the rot out trimmed have it drying 

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Never dealt with it so really not sure but is this bud rot or not ???help me out guys 
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