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My photos never droop at the end of the daily light cycle but the Autos do.....This use to wig me out🤣🤣🤣🤣 . It is just part of the game. The Nirvana Auto Blueberry Kush is a very strong plant.. She could be my biggest yet. (on the left) She is just over 12 days old. Excited about this one. The reason the leaf structure is weird is my cat (problem solver) has learned how to unzip my tent and prune my plant for me. (never a dull moment with this bastard) So now I put a lock on the two zippers. (at least he is not wasting his life away sleeping lol) I thought my rottie was smart but she does not hold a candle to my Mainecoon mixed male cat. 

I have tried something new to me this grow, I have been focused on bubbles. I did some research and have changed from a cylinder air stone to a disk air stone and have reduced the bubble size to very small, micro bubbles so that I get a lot of bubbles with less current in the water. So that lateral roots flourish. (photo in comments) 

I love DWC❤❤

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        1. Nice grow setup . it's clean as a whistle. 
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        • Thanks Bluemm

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        • Clever cat, haha I didn't know you grew DWC very cool. Love the big fat kush leaves. Looking good Cake. What kind of lights are those?

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          • This is my 5th grow in DWC .  I was really surprised at  how well I am doing with it. Shit it is so simple, I mean I can't over water. I have not had lockout yet. I mean I have had some heavy feedings just to see. (no soil for salt build up from synthetics . Sub turned me on to it. He said have you ever had a successful Fish tank. Hell yes I have a 125 gallon and raised African cichlids . He said I shouldn't have a problem. Subs right again, You know Sub is always right ! lol I guess we all find our strengths in growing and have our own little ways of doing stuff. I am pretty sure I have found mine lol I truly am loving it . To tell you the truth the last time I was in soil I had a major fungus gnat infestation and it took me a month to get rid of those little pirates.ugggghhhhhh! Then I got them in my Cocoloco. I have been bug free since DWC!❤ My house backs up to woods and a creek so you know life is abundant around here. lol 

            The lights are 4 SF1000 spider farmer. Looking at acinfinity bar style for a 4x4. around  500 to 600 bucks I think it is 500 watts or 480 or something. I noticed on my last photoperiod I needed more horsepower in the light dept. The sf 1000 does do a really good job on my autos. I know you and Rick are showing them how to do it in FL. lol Good to hear from you and look forward to see your progress on your current grow. I saw a post from you the other day and once again that shit looks good. Freaking King has been off the chain with his grows too! 

            Happy Turkey Day! Smoke and Eat!





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