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I'm a somewhat experienced grower, but let things get away from me and neglected 2 plants. Currently, rehabing them, but only have another 1 and 1/2 of height to work with. I've done a bit of lst and topping to get the canopy under control, but am worried about the preflower stretch. Should i keep rehabing or flip?

    • I would flip, and get ready to Super Crop.

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      • So super then throw into flower. Sounds good.

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        • no put it in flower 1st...

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        • Flower a month ago. Then lots of hst.  I use my 1st trellis to get the top of the canopy low as possible. Like so. These 3 plants veged for 2.5 months, very tall, topped once w LST. Top of canopy after 48 hrs under trellis, everything is bending toward the light. Now just gently defoliate the fan leaves blocking bud sites.

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          • Yep agree... I think they misunderstood why and how to use a net...

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