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I’ve always been a problem solver. The very first few times I got away with my first grows someone complimented me here on how I just work with what I have. I forgot who it was and it was on the old portal. 

A moment ago I was frustrated. I tried to yank the bitch out. But it was holding on, so I’ve thought of this temporarily. And if it still does fall over then I really have a problem. Please let me know if it’s an alright thing to do as it’s just the roll in a tissue paper. Yes Chubs will have a fan blowing over 

    • Actually, you could go a little deeper. Almost to the cotyledon.

      Then, sprinkle the top of your soil with cinnamon.

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      • Should I water? Below that topped of soil is some soil that got good soaking before I started 

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        • When you water seedlings just be careful to keep the water away from the stem as much as possible.
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