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So so.. tired

Why do they keep bending over after I’ve adjusted the light distance, topped of some soil, and even straightened it out, only to find it bending again as if it’s a way to keep breaking my heart?

last seed I popped I’ve fallen victim to the damping-off issue. It looked happy to last 5 days and to only fall over instantly. I may have used old soil, with it, but this is new and it looks like it’s pointing toward there again. Breaking my heart again and again and again



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    • Fan,fan,fan !!! Get rid of that dome !!!
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      • I’ve always been a problem solver. The very first few times I got away with my first grows someone complimented me here on how I just work with what I have. I forgot who it was and it was on the old portal. 

        A moment ago I was frustrated. I tried to yank the bitch out. But it was holding on, so I’ve thought of this temporarily. And if it still does fall over then I really have a problem. Please let me know if it’s an alright thing to do as it’s just the roll in a tissue paper. Yes Chubs will have a fan blowing over 

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        • That's really a pretty cool idea with the toilet paper roll ! I think you could have accomplished the same thing by doing what Rbt suggested. We'll see ! Looks good !!

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          • Ok for good measure. But watering… under that soil I topped was moist soil in particular. In fact, before I started I poured hot water to make sure I sterilise the soil. It was a good soak. Do I even water with this or should I just skip that for now? The pot has some weight if you try to lift it

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          • with all that stretch looks like your light needs 2 b closer i remember someone has all ready said that what light do u have ?? 

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            • Does your germination and seedling environment GOOD ventilation? And you may have a contaminated environment,  the damping off problem is caused by a fungus. You may need to bleach the $#!+ out of that area we're you have seedlings.  Then the fan is a great idea, get the air moving and dryer. And also the movement of the stem helps it strengthen. 

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