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I think it came out pretty good. I moved the power cat fan up high and you cannot see any light from front side. Door opens easy 6’ hose and some tape $20 worth a shot. I was going to add a vent as Rtb mentioned but in Florida it’s like walking your dog by the lake trouble a lurking aka bugs and more bugs

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      • Looks great! 

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        • Thanks D

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        • Yea good job...I'm lucky I can use the attic...I think that will work nicely...

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          • Thanks buddy good to see you around hope all is well.

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          • How's it working? 

            If the back of that AC unit is outside, I would cut a hole in the wall and vent to outside. I think it gets a little hotter and more Humid where you live I think than were I live. 

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            • Thanks man, honestly I think it did the trick they are really showing the difference too. Since I made the change I have yet to open the door to a stuffy room I also think the fan on ceiling really helped to push that hot air around, I did throw some seeds a friend gave me into the empty ones but they might be in flower when born, starting to show signs of flowering. I did too then all cause Chubbs made a comment about it and it made sense to me probably flip this weekend a lot more work watering more plants smaller containers.

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