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Browsing the seed & clone sellers today I see one that sells clones and slips, what the hell is a slip?

    • From what I know of potato slips, I'm gonna guess it's an unrooted clone, AKA "cutting".

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      • One thing I have realized with quite a few breeders here in the states is once you develop a good relationship with them and they know your a good customer, these guys will bend over backwards and do the world for you especially when they see you kicking ass with their gear.

        Quick story 

        So when I inquired about getting my hands on some killer Skywalker og and crumb cake this is what went down, Skywalker og was clone only and crumb cake at the time was part of a promo. Dude said grab a clone and I'll give you the crumb cake. So going on raw genetics secret selection I said fuck the Skywalker og, tropical cherry looks fire. So I placed my order, got my order# then emailed this brother back with my order # 

        And I told him to man I ended up grabbing a tropical cherry instead. He replied np. I got your crumb cake, I'm giving you the Skywalker og clone as a gift and I'm also sending you a clone of pave. Pave is a cross made from Skywalker og as well so similar profiles.

        I said thanks my brother and for $125 I got tropical cherry cone, Skywalker og clone, pave clone, 10 traditional crumb cake seeds.

        That's how I prefer to do business.


        And yeah, a slip is an un rooted cutting.

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        • I am going to have to give them another look and talk to the folks I buy clones from about shipping. 

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          • They need a WP that doesnt hide answers

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          • yep thats what it is...unrooted clone...crazy prices...

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