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Went to order the new release only to see they have disabled card processing. When did this take effect? 

    • ....last times i used my master card here there was two diff checkout things for master card..i had to pick the second one to get it to werk if i remember right. sometimes ya have to check with ur bank to make sure they letcha do international transactionz...dunno why there was two!..GL

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      • Think it’s a glitch usually doesn’t last long.

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        • Looks like they don't want anyone ordering. Been 3 days an cc payment option is off. 

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          • DP805 and chas have good answers.

            I doubt very much they don't want anyone ordering lmao 🤣!

            But because of stuff like this and dealing with customs I'll gladly keep my purchasing right here in my home land.


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            • didja open a support ticket yet? on the shop page at bottom

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