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Looks like the leaf tips are slightly curving upwards with a little burnt end starting to form. This is Nirvana's Super Silver Haze strain. This plant is on the left side of my Auto Pot system if you look at my last profile pic I posted. I'll have to check my notes on the exact time they sprouted from seed, but I believe it was around October 6, 2022 

    • does the whole plant look like that how close is your light what PH range do u use ??

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      • You don't look to far away from harvest so I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe back off of your nutrients and let her finish. Plants start doing so funky things towards the end of flowering because they are no longer trying to keep there leaves alive and have put all there efforts into the bud production. Imo

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        • I would back off the nutes a bit but the SSH's I have grown couldnt get enough to eat so it maybe your PH. What media is in your auto pots? In coco coir and water grows I have to keep the PH on that one above 6.0

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          • Thanks everyone for the feed back.. my pH was low... I'm gonna give them another week and I take all the big buds down and even out the canopy so I can finish off the smaller buds.. 

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            • good plan! let the budz bulk up as much as u can

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