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Ok here’s my minor dilemma. I got 2 beautiful plants getting near harvest. Blue Dream on the left is getting chopped next week. Silver haze on right still has a couple of weeks to go. I really want to give blue dream 48 hrs darkness prior to chop. ..??What harm would it do silver haze if I went ahead and did 48 hrs darkness though she’s not ready? I’m thinking it might shock her but in a positive way? Thoughts? 

    • just remove it to diff place an in dark..it dont have to be under the light with light off...

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      • yeah really! thats why they make closets!!  tongue-out

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        • Are you worried about the screen? Looks like you could just cut the ones you want to harvest out of the screen. Untie maybe?

           just move them out somehow

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          • i would remove it also. gl

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