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Gromies…🌱✌️1st time outdoor grower here. How do I use Molasses? Do I use it in addition to my regiment of nutrients? How often? What works for you? 
Photo of my young ladies getting established for outdoors. 

    • Its ok in small amounts on toast and its good to add when your making cookies. LOL

      I think the recommended dosage is about a teaspoon dissolved in a gallon of water.. Remember molasses is food for the microbes that help the plants take in nutrients and make sugar, the plants dont take it in.  

      When I grow in soil its outside and we have a pretty good size black bear population so I dont use it outside,  

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      • What up Big J, Molasses is the least of your worries bruh, especially if your gunna go OD . First thing to do is get those seedlings MORE support, more light (t-5's) work real good, or partial sunlight. Your goal is to beef up those plants, as much as possible, before they go in the ground, or pots or whatever !!!he,he,he There's a LOT of variables that you will have to deal with in the next 2-3 weeks. Seedlings by far, are the most vulnerable stage in growing weed. Make sure to get your photoperiod right too. If you screw the photoperiod up when transplanting, the plant can freakout and set you back a few weeks ! Don't overfertilize it either...he,he,he Peace Oh yeah molasses at 1/2 teaspoon/gal .... 

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        • you dont need to be feeding those babies anything right now and dont over water em..shud have a small fan gently blowin on em to strengthen those lil stems so they dint tip over like they doin now kinda...and try lowerin ur light so they dont stretch a lot..GL

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          • Don’t feed molasses with every watering either man, it can lock out some nutes if you use to much.


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            • i used molasses in flower a teaspoon but u can't use just any molasses there is someone local that makes it that is what i used ......

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              • make sure that is unsulfered molasses ....

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