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I'm just gonna keep trying, and trying, and well trying, to continue reaching out to support or whoever I need to in order to get the seeds sent out that I guess I won back in Nov 21.....I did finally get as far as to receive an email from Lupus at Nirvanna apologizing for the delay and asking what seeds I would like and where to send them, and I replyed to his emai but more silence. Someone called me grasshopper and to have patience a while back....well all I hear are crickets on the subject lol. I held off on the buy one get one because I thought I might finally have seeds coming. If there is a certain string I need to pull in order to make this happen, man, I sure would appreciate the heads up. I could have had them well into flowering by now;(

    • Gezzzzz that sux! id open another support ticket and holler at em...lol well at least tell em its a good thing ur not holding ur breath  lol,,say sumfin about snail mail too

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      • When lupus is at office tomorrow i will ask whats going on ZUG

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        • Hey Zug, I apologize for the delayed response! But rest assured they are now on their way! :)

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          • looks like problem solved! youre in good hands now!

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            • The Support at Nirvana has been second to none for my experiences.  

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