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started harvesting a dosi dos this evening after work. not the best pic but got some trimmed and hung up.

    • The wait is on ! Looks good ! Happy harvest.

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      • Looks awesome!!!  Hope to hear a full report on this one!

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        • fancy hanger set up! ive been using regular wire clothes hangers and they work great. i can hang 5 big stalks on one hanger. Simple Pimple!

          But lately ive been playing around with chop and hang (cut the whole plant and hang it, dry trim style)

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          • i have five of the hangers. love them don't have to worry about bumping them and buds falling down. i use to use rope or wire but every time it seemed like i was nocking buds down.i can flip them any way i need to without falling.i find it easier to wet trim myself if i don't have the time i will hang the whole plant also.

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