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When starting with a really good commercial growing soil to begin with, is it possible to get too rich in nutrients by feeding the plant as often directed? Is it better to sometimes start with a really good well known soil and just let it ride out the entire grow? If my observations have been correct, it seems as though after I feed, I tend to see wilt until the next water cycle. It's almost like they look like a couch full of over stuffed people after Thanksgiving:)

    • Yep and its easy to over water in soil too, I think. I am not nornally a soil grower but I start seeds in Happy Frog and then transplant into Ocean Forest and I dont feed them anything except for some things for the roots until they start to flower.

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      • It is actually easy to give too many nutrients in a soil grow depending on the soil you start with. I prefer happy frog because it is not as hot as ocean forest and I know there is a lot more soils out there that I have never tried. I wouldn't try to do a whole grow with just the nutrients in the soil (imo). I also never give as much nutrients as the label says. I start with nutrients early very lightly and build the strength up depending on the reaction I get from the plant. I like to see just a tiny amount of nute burn in the leaves of a mature plant. 

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        • Thanks guys! I am in Happy Frog and it seems everytime I have fed them, they have that over done look. But I am guilty of just following directions on the bottle instead of the gradual approach. My screen is set up in 3 gallon felt pots and all within a single drain talble so that all the access water drains into a bucket in which I can meaasure the outflow of unabsorbed water (20%). I found I was way under watering for a while and getting a heavy nutrient burn which was quickly corrected. 

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          • ocean forest is jacked with nutrient. crab meal, shrimp meal, fish emulsion, oyster shells for aeration, kelp, bat guano and fooking earthworm castings!  Happy frog is no slouch either! Im not a sol grower because soil is a whole microcosm! go easy on nutrients.

            Thats why i like Hydroponics. you know what youre plant is getting from the beginning. you start with a blank slate

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