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As each plant gets closer to harvest I've noticed that it looks like each plant has portions more ready than other parts. Is it okay to partial harvest a plant and leave less mature parts still standing to mature further or should I wait until the entire plant is ready to harvest all at once? The top and buds around the side, most all of the hairs have darkened and turned in while lower and inner buds, the hairs are still straight and white.....Can I or should I start clipping buds off to harvest??

    • yeah partial harvest is a good way to go! cut all the good tops off when they seem ready and get it leveled out then finish the lower half in a week or two! do you ever rotate your plants?

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      • Thanks! This is lesson #1 that I have learned about a SCROG....Even though I built the table to rotate, I was noticing that each plant needs to be rotated appropriately. Hmmmm..

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      • yep partial harvest is fine...

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        • yes i doit that way most times

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          • yeah works good that way for me too.

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            • Yes of course you can but I use it as a learning tool, the bud that isnt ready now should have been ready with the rest, otherwise it was sucking energy out of what was ready to harvest.

              For example, I just did a harvest with a lot growth that isnt really ready, its a new light, so next time I know cut everything below X height next time I lollypop

              The question you should also ask is  "is it worth it? " To that I say no its not. What ever you get from this point forward is going to be secondary weed for bubble hash or just fill a jar and sit on a shelf. In the mean time you could have started a 2nd grow. 

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