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day 20 from sprout and for me it really seems way too slow and I  think I have a problem. What do you think? Plant 2 out of 2

    • i c u r using cfl's never used them but have used t5's close .... i would think temp around the roots [medium] has a lot 2 do with the rate of growth plus feeding .....

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      • She looks good, maybe a little behind. I started out with cfl's and they can produce some good product. The problem is no penetration so they have to be close. No more than 2-3 inches away. What size bulbs are you using? I used nothing less than 100w bulbs and had a couple of the home chepo 300w. 

        If it were me, I would add some more bulbs and move em closer if you can. Hope it helps.

        Also make sure you're letting her get plenty dry before watering again. She doesn't look stressed but hard to tell what's going on under the dirt.✌🏻

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        • Is it organic and are you feeding the microbes. Or giving any teas? I’d say your problem is the nutrients are In a form that’s locked up and your soil is not alive enough to make them available to the plant.

          Also I’m gonna tell you it’s getting plenty of light, when a weed plant is put into a low light situation what it does to compensate is darken its leafs to a forest green color as to better absorb light I have a whole mother plant room that has all the leds turned/ dimmed down to the lowest setting.

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