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Just starting into growing, started with a Mars tent and TSW 2000w lights. 
The issue or question I have is what seeds to start with. I’m told get auto flowers 

I have Parkinson’s disease and had 5 back surgeries so what’s the best seed or strain to start with? Most times I hit the dispensary and get gummies or suckers  

I really want to cut down on pain meds, just don’t want that heavy body feeling. 
thanks everyone sorry for the newbie questions. 

    • Sorry to hear about your condition. There are many strains out there that can help with many conditions. You are the only one that knows what works for you. Start getting different smoke from the dispensary until you find what works and then go from there. Lemon pie autoflower from seedsman.com could be a contender for you. Good luck and happy growing. You can try a site called growweedeasy.com and this forum, they will both have an answer for your questions.

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      • personally id say to dive in with both feet! but i guess that wouldnt be diving, but anyway...

        Id recommend starting with a strong, easy strain to grow. Northern Light(s) and photoperiod instead of autoflower because autos can be tricky in my opinion. Theyre not without their quirks

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        • northern light is a good and solid strain to start out with , SHB has got ya covered and welcome to the weedportal !

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        • Welcome to the community! I completely agree with SHB's answer.

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          • well said shb ive only done 1 auto and lost it to mold. it was gsc by nirvana trying a northern lights this time to have while photos do there thing

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