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I'm thinking of creating a basic fan page for folks growing Nirvana strains. Just a simple place to share pics and grows. It won't be affiliated with this page or endorsed by this page. Or meant to distract from this page in any way.  just a bit easier and a place to share.  Would you guys be interested? 

    • as others mentioned..we have all that ur tryna do right here....can make photo albums ect and share info and ask questions..a site already made......wow who knew...lol

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      • I DO NOT TRUST FB AT ALL !!!!

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        • FB is monitored by a lot of creeps you never know . 


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          • It is much more cozy and calm. FB will not create such a relaxed atmosphere

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            • You can, but I don't think you find me there i too am careful around that platform and generally avoid it.

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