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orange cookies x nicole strain?

Is this still around? I need this. 

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So I planted a white rhino fem outside.  She started flowering about a month ago.  Everything else out there is just now going into flower. And she smells like sweet grape candy, colas are huge. She is nothing like any white rhino I have ever grown. I'm not complaining, this is epic. I have simply never had a plant do this. This is my first WR from nirvana. It's this typical of her? Or did I maybe get a mix up? 

You guys are so generous. Appreciate you. 

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I'm thinking of creating a basic fan page for folks growing Nirvana strains. Just a simple place to share pics and grows. It won't be affiliated with this page or endorsed by this page. Or meant to distract from this page in any way.  just a bit easier and a place to share.  Would you guys be interested? 

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Free seeds? how do we get those? I've ordered probably 15 stains from Nirvana lol


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Used to get mine in Oregon in 5 days.  but about 2 weeks now.  had an order land today. 

just got the 2nd order in the mail today.  first order in veg as we speak. So excited. Thank you Jim.

Yea, I'm big on veg structure, internodal spacing, stretch, rigidity of plants stalks, etc. I run several rooms and some need different things.

The rooms in organic soil need bushy plants with fast comeback from topping, fat vegetative growth and tight internodal spacing. 

The sog are in rockwool cubes and need to grow single colas with a good stretch, 

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orange cookies x nicole strain? Is this still around? I need this. 
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