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Who opened the shit gates?

Seems the chinese are desperate for business.


I wonder if they aren't in violation of their own internet rules. Pretty ballsy spamming a site they aren't even supposed to visit. Even as far as setting up an account? Must be a bot or something 


Whatever it is it has no place here

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    • They're early tonight. It's almost nitely.

      One change they NEED to make, is for Admin to verify new members before letting them post.

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      • Haha explains the shit eatin grin!!

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        • For a company like nirvana I don't know why they don't build a vbulletin or xenforo platform website. I've ran vbulletin websites for 15 years and never have had a problem with bots. Also the chat box don't cost extra. Weedportal needs to move to a better platform. 

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          • No way, that would mean they lied again and we are not stupid. Say it aint so Joe

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          • i agree

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            • I logged in yesterday for the sole reason to plead not guilty on that shit and now I dont see the posts. 

              It wasnt me, if I had those kind of computer skills I would start my own portal. Though I did have Wildcat bulletin board for my customer to upload and download files, so up until Dr Dos 6.7 I knew my shit 

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              • holly cow that is nothing more than a calculator . Unix is great! You must be around my age 50's? It is amazing how far we have came, we use to play video games with rectangular bars lol , now it is hard to tell if it is not real.....Nobody really knows the struggles of back in the day computing.....

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                • 61

                  I used to plot Cad drawings to HPLG files and import that into MS Word for Operation sheets, unfortunatly the Unix work station didnt have MS Word so through some extra effort I would have to save it to a 5-1/4 inch floppy disk and take it to a PC. 

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                  • I miss  autocad after college I did it for ten years and made damn good money than the government got involved 06'-08' BUST lost everything...now we are getting ready to do it all over again difference this time is our deficet is twice as much.......screw them all both sides can suck it. Democracy my ass.....

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                  • You boys have keyboard skills WAY above me ! I have no idea ...he,he,he ! It does seem like somebody at Nirvana needs to hire you boys to straighten their shit out ! Couldn't hurt any . 

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