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Goodbye Nirvana Seeds

It seems I lost all my voucher points of about $40 in this shift to USA based website! I doesn't matter anyway!

I always considered Nirvana as a beginning/mid level seed source for those starting out because the copycat genetics were decent, certainly not premium genetics! With these new price points they decided to implement I'll no longer be supporting Nirvana!

With a few searches on line I can find premium USA genetics that are vastly superior to anything you have to offer at more reasonable prices plus freebies that blow away anything Nirvana sells. For instance I purchased a 6 pack of feminized Original Glue by GG Strains for $100 and I received two different sets of Ethos freebies, 5 regular seeds and 3 feminized. Brotanical Gardens sold me a 20 pack of feminized Ethos Citral Glue for $100 plus $5 shipping and they also sent me premium freebies, one from Seattle Chronic and one from Ethos, these are freebies that haven't been watered down with Dutch genetics! Your Original Glue is a joke compared to the real deal!

Good luck Nirvana, I'll check in with you from time to time but honestly I'll be removing you from my email list simply because your new price point is a joke! Even your regular seeds are overpriced, to bad, I doubt future growers in the USA will be turning to Nirvana Seeds. I hope others that plan to offer seeds in America like Greenhouse Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds learn from your greed! Seedsmans USA distribution fortunately are still very affordable to American seed collectors!


Robert DeLeon

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    • I hope they are bringing workers with them because companies over here are competing with our own government when it comes to employment.

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      • warning don't order from coffee shop seeds. they will take your money and run.will not reply to messages once they have your money.also seedsman is doing the same thing i ordered over two months ago and no beans yet and quit responding to emails.so be careful fellow growers.

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        • i read em both a few days ago , it makes sense after reading about GWE recommended seedbanks and what is going on with seedsman . the similarities are here too , oh well i guess that's what is to be expected when small mom and pop places run into corporate take-overs .

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            • im telling you! Dank seeds will sell you one seed at a time! they dont habb=ve anything fancy like Alien Strawberry cheesecake but theyre good!! and they gave me good merch too! a free coozie and stickers!


              i dont use the coozie cause its only for 12 ouncers. pffft!!

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              • 2 Guns and a Guy, Greenpoint Seeds and New420Guy have reasonable pricing and solid genetics! There's so many seed merchants now it will be easy to replace Nirvana for my mid level seed needs.

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                • oh i forgot! they gave me a free Blue Cheese too! i only purchased 5 seeds. their seeds are about $12 a piece. 

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                • Robert, I agree with your assessment of the situation and thank you for your willingness to share your research results. This may be a business decision that works for nirvana...or not. This should cut their volume a bunch which may be exactly what they want. I figure we'll know in a year or so if it works out. 

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                  • ILGM.com has some decent early black friday promos, about 6-7 bucks per seed

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                    • Actually ILGM had one of the best reviews out there thanks for the heads up

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