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Failed Run

i bet for some that have seen my recent posts, you probably know my dilemma. But they have wilted and I just decided to kill both of them. I guess it was really the heat stress that in the first place has been stunting its growth that’s why it was growing so slow under 30c temps. Both mediums had perlite I don’t think it was media problem, neither the actual phenotypes. But we live, learn, and make adjustments. Hoping for your successful grows and thanks for all the help  

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    • sorry to hear this. i think your problem may have been finicky Autoflowers. There. i said it

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      • get some good photoperiod! Northern Lights, Girl Scout Cookies, Tangie! these are aggressive growing plants in my experience

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        • I agree with above. You should move away from the autos and start growing photos. It will give you more control. Plus, a strain like Northern Lights will take a little bit of abuse and still will produce nicely. 

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          • I started with several Autos for my first attempt.  Got some smoke from them but damn near went crazy trying to figure them out all while that clock is ticking....  I'm running Raspberry Cough photoperiod feminized this time.  I'll run more autos eventually, or put them outside and let nature take its course.

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          •  I wouldn’t give up on autos entirely man but I would go with a photoperiod strain like the ones listed above that sub and them mentioned before you start to take on autoflower strains.

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            • Photo periods may help your stealthyness since the lights are out as much as they are on. 

              Sorry for your loss even

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