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weeeeee!  thats what i said too.

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I like to use the clears to see the roots, but they go inside of a solid red one to keep light off roots.

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DP805 Congrats man (assuming you are a dude)!!!!!!

Are u fucking kidding me?  I always joke with my friends, that if we get recreational, i'm gonna put a 10 ft plant in my front yard.  That is amazing.  

I had initially asked what media?   But I re-read and see you are just starting to try and root them in a solution.   I think it is like you think, it's just trying to root and pulling from leaves possibly.  Initially I thought it looked like the start of cal/mag def.

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Rick, thanx for getting up close and personal.  Your grandson is  adorable.  The dog is gorgeous too.  Do you rent a cherry picker to harvest and trim the plant waay in the back lol.  Them two plants are huuuuge!!!

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Found a great article about flushing.  High Times also did a study years ago also, but I think this one is much more in depth and thorough.  Here's the link:

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Been a loooong time since I've done psychedlics.  Fresh picked shrooms was the last time, 25 years at least.  Still avid cyclist though, hehe

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