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This is where we are currently, week 2-3 of flower 😎😬🙆‍♂️

Should look stronger but my stupidity finally got the best of me and I transferred a soil girl into coco pre switch...not a good decision in hindsight now lol. She’s on the left.
 However we are cruzing and I’m happy so far...another light coming...last 2 weeks will get HPS. Duces 

For the people that wanna comment just to get more stats...get their own shitty opinion out without actually talking about it like these places are supposed to be about.                  Do both of us a favor & don’t comment on any other posts of mine please, as I don’t need em. Doin just fine on my own thx👌✌️

Once roots pop....hell ya lol. Yea my humidifier has a essential oil spot...already keeping room at 80% humidity... might as well feed through Foliar with that warranty item hahaaaha 🤣🤣🤣

Btw this is the indica pheno doing this which makes sense seeing how they munch through easier than sativa counterpart.

Sorry my bad peeps, I thought these posted. Making a 250-275ppm 5.9PH mix currently...will swap in on these girls first n see what happens. If things go as I assume I’ll be running some cal/mag through the humidifier so I don’t have to futz with it in mix 🤭✌️

Appreciate the response bud!!!! Yea pretty sure that’s what’s going on..think ur right on the decency for sure as the solution is low as I was just testing things out seeing what works n doesn’t. 100% success so far!!

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Super skunk clones.... only this batch is showing some spots. It’s been 6-7 days since cutting these..sitting in same 5.9PH, under 200ppm just like everything else that’s doing good. Really hoping they r just rooting and pulling nutes from leaves but that usually is a yellowing...not rust spots. Maybe this phenotype is lacking something a bit more than nitrogen that’s showing differently?.
Well, if they are rooting..will see roots within 48hrs!! 👍😬

Any comments welcomed....might hit that batch with a Foliar 250-300ppm mix...🙄🤔

Humidifier keeping 70-80RH in different room...half of em in coco...other half just chillin in 100ppm with micros....idk it’s workin lol

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Feel blessed as of right now lol. The tent is doing amazing, the chosen strains are impeccable in my eyes. Clones coming from them are very healthy n root in 10 days with abnormal ways of doing so haha. 
Super Skunk big girls... gorilla glue seed just broke ground...Girl Scout cookies & Bruce Banner coming soon. 
Ikd just wanted to share 🙏🙆‍♂️🤤🤤🤤

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Gettin down again!!

Somewhat up...definitely running 🌱✌️👌

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Been a while peeps. Hope everyone is well, here’s what we got goin on.  Strain-  Super skunk Fem. Nutes-  Micros+Minor trace (powder).  Grow Fuel(Veg Nutes).  Foliar black strap Molasses once/in soil flush once a week.  Light-  In picture—1000w**/more info if needed.  Soil-  Fox Farm Ocean Forest Temp- 70-80 Passive door exhaust till tomorrow, fan & many other goodies coming including a tent. Ordering either Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner or Banana Kush from ILGM tonight....maybe I’ll post a poll for favorite lol. Anyway I’ll update soon. Any Q’s welcome...Keep it stony my friends ✌️🌱